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A New Record (Not to Be Proud of)

The new Singapore past time – tracking the PSI like the stock market. Thanks Sumatra for helping us to reach a new high today, once again.

Every PSI unit is a photo filter

What used to be the norm, now a rarity

However, because of your hot beds, my house smells like it’s on fire; I can’t open my windows so my aircon is on 24/7 and my bills will skyrocket; my head and eyes and nose and my babies are suffering; and I’m easily irritable.
So, I would really appreciate if you would be a man and own up to your mismanagement, focus on cleaning up your act and preventing future mess, instead of pointing fingers.

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Lion dance (NTU) by Junyan

Lion dance is been an annual 初二 affair at home since all three Yap brothers are lion dancers from school days. Yesterday, 叔叔’s NTU troupe came by and he gave final performance as a student at home before graduation this year.

This may be 叔叔’s last chance to perform, but as daddy says, we want lion dance every year!


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Day 1 on my own

Dominic, my littlest nephew, braved his first day without mummy and daddy who were on a well-deserved holiday to view Sakura.

My, is he a trooper. He whined less, slept a lot (pretty much like hibernation, and it’s summer!), didn’t struggle much to go to bed. And best of all – he slept through the night under the watchful eyes of popo. First time! No crying for milk!

Afternoon play after milk-





Bin bin, you aced it! Thank for being an angel (and you too, jingheng) yesterday so I could rush a report without worry.

Another 6 days to go!

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Viridian Art House

Last Feb, was at the opening launch of Viridian Art House, an art space opened by a dear friend Chyi Yun and 5 of her artist friends. It showcases their art work which are also for sale, offers art classes for both children and adults, and boast a cafe with a relaxed ambience.

I like that it is located at the base of Fort Canning, and you get a nice cozy artistic corner in the midst of lush greenery where you can also sip coffee and chat with friends.

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If you are like us and wondering what Viridian meant, it’s artist jargon for a shade of green. Pretty much like how Pantone assigns a number for each colour for printers, but artists use words instead. They use their right brain more heh. I only remember cobalt blue from my water colour paints in school!

Not sure if all the 6 artists favours the colour Viridian, but it sure reflects its location :)

Chyi Yun is one of the few who has tenaciously held on to her passion for art, from since I knew her when we were just 12. Art is part of her interest, hobby, life and work, and I admire her for her unwavering perseverance to make art work for her, which we all know is not easy-peasy in Singapore. She’s always an inspiration to remind me to not forget the things I love in life.