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Another missed shot at taking passport photo

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Day 17:

Damn, this stupid live journal – didn’t post the full entry.

Discovered little boy doesn’t like rubbing lotion on his legs. Maybe that’s a good tactic to try for waking him during feeding.

Took JH to take his passport photo for citizenship application. We failed AGAIN! He was wide-eyed all the way, even in the car… right up to the door step. Then he SLEPT! totally concussed. No way to wake up, even with wet wipes, vibrating his body, manhandling him etcetc. People must be thinking we’re horrible parents. Gotta try again tom.

Little boy smiled a real nice one tonight during one of his evening feeds. Such an angel.

I should start changing his diapers soon, so that I can handle him all by myself. But still tough to stand stationary on one spot for long time. Crap.

When will he start to calm down in my arms instead of getting more agitated by the smell of milk?


One thought on “Another missed shot at taking passport photo

  1. haha u got try rubbing his sole? Its a super good way to wake babies up. But u must dare to exert some strength. The nurse taught us this way. Its 100% effective.

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