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crying question


jingheng likes to rub his face with his hands when he’s irritated, or in the middle of his sleep. Super cute. He even wipes his mouth clean before i can reach for the cloth.

grandparents have gone home, so lesser people share the load of carrying the boy.

question- how long do u let a baby cry before picking him up?


2 thoughts on “crying question

  1. haha Julian likes to rub his face all the time and his nails grow super fast. Faster than I can cut them! So he always scratches himself. Poor thing. hmm… the question is how long do u bear to let him cry? I read somewhere that u can let babies cry 30 to 45 minutes. But must make sure that all his needs are taken care of before u can leave him to cry. I think if the grandparents are around, can never do this lah. The moment the baby cry, they expect somemore to pick the baby up in less than 30 seconds haha.

  2. i mean someone! Eh… cannot edit comment one ah?

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