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another cranky day

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tired but refuse to sleep, cries when put in bed, sometimes even while being carried, non stop feeding, long feedeing hours, sleeping on the boob — these are jingheng’s activities today. Wonder if it’s cos he sensed the absence of his pop?

I wonder about breastfeeding:
1-how long can u express breast milk on machine each time?
2- pumping eats into precious rest time 😦
3- i do have to ask, am i producing enough milk? Does using nipple guard reduce milk supply?
4- is it normal n ok to nurse 2plus hours per feed?
5- how can i verify if a milk duct is hurt!


One thought on “another cranky day

  1. 1. My fren told me not to exceed 100 minutes per day.
    2. Totally agree. That’s why I never latch Julian. He can feed for an hour and still dun get enuff milk.
    3. Why need to ask? As long as baby has enuff. Its enuff. Different pple are different. Actually I think its all in the mind. Most impt is to rest well and be relaxed. I find that I can pump more if I do that. If I am stressed, I pump very little.
    4. I think average is abt 15 min per breast. But different babies are different. Some are slow drinkers and hence, take a longer time. But if its 2 plus hours per feed, isnt it time for the next feed? Could it be he is not sucking or not latched properly? I know many babies fell asleep at the breast or is just sucking out of comfort and not really taking in milk.
    5. This is easy. You will feel pain!!! And your nipple may bleed.

    Hope the above helps!

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