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Shot and oversized

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Jingheng is up for 2 jabs at Vista – first dose of vaccine 5in1 (DTap, IPV etc etc) and a second jab of Hep B. A hefty total of RMB2,200 as opposed to SGD90… woahoho!

While we were changing his diapers waiting for the nurses to prepare the jabs, I overheard a female voice calling out “Hey, we need 2 nurses here!”.
And when we enter the room, then there were 3:
Nurse 1 stood by ready with needle 1 above the left thigh
Nurse 2 stood by ready with needle 2 above the right thigh
Nurse 3 held down both his feet at the ankles
He was still staring curiously at daddy’s smiling face
On the count of “1,2,3!” in unison voices
Both needles punctured the skin at the same time
A slow-to-react whimper released from the boy
And then it was over – both the jab and the whimper.
(uber cool – this is a rubbish rambling with the story Hercule Poirot’s Three Little Pigs story’s rhyme repeating in my mind)

He’s a brave boy!  Check out the handyplasts!

He’s a big boy now at 2 months – all 58cm long and 6kg heavy. Can’t even wear 3-month clothes, and he’s one size bigger than Chloe (who is now 4 months). Bought some winter clothes for him from Yashow today, super deal… all the stuff below for 398RMB, and that includes a grey thick winter jacket. DEAL DEAL DEAL


One thought on “Shot and oversized

  1. whoa so cheap! next time i go beijing must buy back too!

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