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Neck training


Time to train his neck power so that he can support his own neck and sit straight on his own. Meaning it’s easier to carry him! Bad parents with hidden agenda haha.

Got him a cot mobile on taobao (a super good deal again – only 45rmb). Very hard to find nice cot mobiles locally, those that are not bad are super expensive from the “imported” brands like mothercare. He likes it turning and turning around πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Neck training

  1. whoa very cheap lei… I took down his cot mobile when he was less than a month old and till now havent put it up yet!!! haha…

  2. Jingheng looks super cute. ;P

    You guys training him since young to be independent eh?

  3. Always good to start young! they’re supposed to toughen their necks anyway :p

  4. True… will make for easier (and safer) carrying by inexperienced but enthusiastic nanny-wannabes like us. Haha….

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