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Singapore Citizen


Jingheng is no longer stateless – He’s officially a Singaporean now! (He’s NOT automatically a Singaporean by descent. We had to send in an application and pay for it. And you wonder why there aren’t more Singaporeans.) He has a Certificate of Singapore Citizenship, on which a citizenship certificate number and a birth cert number are printed, and has to take the Oath of Remunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty when he’s 21. He also just got his passport. Just 2 documents, took 2 months to obtain. Efficient governments I say.

So can he travel yet? Nopes. There’s still the dip ID and exit visa to apply for. Headache.

At 2 months 2 weeks, he’s officially licking.. mainly his fingers and mittens. Now his mittens are often wet. Can’t wash them fast enough for him.


2 thoughts on “Singapore Citizen

  1. what?? cannot travel yet?? quick you got less than 2 mths to settle!! i wanna see him in dec!!!! muahaha

  2. Would he be able to travel by CNY? 2 more documents = 2 more months?

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