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Winter dressing hassle

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Winter is truly here now in Beijing. First snow last week while my mum was here (she was super lucky, snowed just before she’s headed back Singapore). Snowed again on Tues, the slush hasn’t melted yet and it’s expected to snow again tonight. Temperatures are revolving around 5deg.

COLD. Which is fine for adults, coz you know when and how to put on extra layers ya. Very tough for infants, which means mummys also very tough. Indoors are warm, say 20plus deg, so a basic layer of thicker clothes would suffice, but outdoors is freezing, which means you need to bulk up the boy indoors with winter coats, hats etc etc in the warm indoor temperature. No wonder little boy often cry when we dress him up to go out. A problem I’d never have encounter if I were a pure tropical mummy.

These are the going-out layers he has on these days :
1- Thick long sleeve one-sie
2- Leg warmers, instead of pants for easy diapering
3- Woolen cardigan, taken off when he gets too hot indoors
Optional- Long sleeve top for summer/autumn, worn under one-sie if its super cold
4- Socks for summer/autumn
5- Booties
6- Woolen mittens for winter
7- Cotton mittens for summer/autumn, layered under woolen ones so that the little boy wouldn’t get wool caught in his fingers
8- Thick winter jacket, to protect against harsh cold winds
9- Woolen hat, to protect ears

I look good in my hat with my long fringe

'I look good in my hat with my long fringe'

Tada! A grand total of 9! There’s only 2 pieces to contend with if in Singapore – a short-sleeve one-sie, plus socks. So much less hassle.
One positive perspective for the winter dressing hassle — More things mummy can shop and buy for the little boy ;p


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