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Bewitched by a boy who rarely smiles

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Jingheng remains a boy who ”有男人的尊严,我们不轻易笑”, as my Ayi terms it. He is yet to be a boy who smiles and laughs easily when anticipating adults talk and play with him in hope of getting some giggly reactions. Although he is getting there (Joyce says he’s getting cuter coz he’s less grumpy more often), he is still very much a boy with a frown.

Today is a rather magical one, he rewards us with his wondrous smiles and grins and coos. His daddy was bewitched early in the morning when it was just the 2 of them at 6am – Jingheng held his finger, and gave him a smile. Even more bewitched he was a little later when he carried Jingheng while I was changing – Jingheng looked at him in the eyes intently, repeated coo-ed and smiled as daddy talked to him. Me jealous mum ran out of the changing room to stand next to the 2 boys, and the little one simply focused all his attention on his dad. Daddy couldn’t stop talking about this moment the whole day.

Jingheng also smiled at Ayi when she took over this morning while we went househunting. I was complaining why Jingheng hadn’t smiled at me in the morning when my turn came at night while I was playing with him, me lying down with him flat on his tummy on my tummy. He coo-ed non-stop and smiled and smiled.

Jingheng, you have a thousand watts in your eyes and smile!


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