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In China, a baby’s 100th day is a very important milestone and celebrated with a big hoo-hah, much more so than the baby’s manyue (full-month) which is a practice that we are more familiar with. Unfortunately, none of the Chinese I know can explain to me why, “it’s a tradition we’ve adhere to for a long time”.

My ayi knew I was quite non-chalant about this 100-day tradition, but I didn’t expect her to keep track for Jingheng though. She was anxious to remind me that Jingheng turn 100 (day) on 26 Nov, and reminded me both the day before and on the actual day to take some photos of Jingheng. It was a big deal to her because she sent me a reminder SMS again after knocking off that day. Thanks ayi! 🙂

Jingheng took his first flight with daddy to mark this important day –


I hold my legs really well huh!


Tiring but fun!


One thought on “100-day

  1. Hey, JH looks like poster boy! Handsome with his rosy cheeks and full crown! Cant wait to carry him when u guys are back in Dec 🙂

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