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Strolling Jianwai SOHO

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Drowsy boy and mummy

Drowsy boy and mummy

A lazy Sunday. Took a stroll around our condo’s surroundings today. Genertimes (our condo) is in the CBD, and in the vicinity of the many SOHOs that are so popular in Beijing. The nearest us is Jianwai SOHO (建外 SOHO). I quite like SOHOs, there are several small restaurants, cafes and shops to browse. Most of them are closed on Sundays, pretty much like the Shenton Way in Singapore. So it was a quiet exploration for our family.

Weather was cooling, brinking on cold when the wind blew, but I think Jingheng could bear the weather alright. Comfy enough for him to sleep through most of it.

Heh, I can smile in my sleep ok

Heh, I can smile in my sleep ok

Stopped at Panamie, a bakery that bakes decent cakes and pastries. Just found out that it is the joint venture of Korean and French bakeries. No wonder the cakes are so fluffy.


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