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“Kids change and grow up very fast”, so everyone says.

It’s something that is really quite difficult to imagine unless you are raising a kid. Jingheng is 3months 3 weeks now, and he’s about 67cm (measured with measuring tape) and more than 7 kg (measured by comparing with Chloe).  His latest activities include:

– Did front-to-back flip, twice! Maybe was both occasions were flukes, but heck, he flipped

– Feeds himself now — Holds his own milk bottle. Prefers to hold at the teat area instead of the bottle.

– Instead of staring blankly at his reflection in the mirror, he now smiles at himself and buries his face against my shoulder, then look at his reflection again

– Not keen to lie down anymore, he’s outgrowing his blue chair and its vibration qualities. Chair doesn’t calm him down much nowadays.

– Wants to stand all the time instead. Upgraded to a walker and can totally immerse himself inside for 20-30minutes, playing with rattles and watnots while standing and kicking around in the walker. He seems to prefer keeping his feet on the ground though, he doesn’t seem to like the high chair much even if it’s a psuedo standing position, coz his feet has to dangle

– Actively touching and batting with the hanging toys from his rocker, not simply staring at them anymore

– Smiling more often and to more people. You can coax him to talk a bit if you keep eye contact with him. But of course only when he’s in the mood. Still towkay 🙂


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