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Hair woes

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Our family of three had better hair in Beijing than here in Singapore. Somehow the hot and humid weather brings out the best of curls in us. So all three look super messy.

Jingheng’s hair has grown so long over the past 4 months, he’s like Elvis Presley and pespiring like mad in this yucky weather. Brought him for a cut today. He lost the cute styled hair but looks more boyish. Felt like a mummy seeing his son going through NS haircut.

Mummy is losing her hair. Discovered to her horror that her temples which has been looking pretty bare and white is not because she pin up her fringe in the wrong hairstyle. It’s simply balding. Cryz. Supposed to be back to normal after 6-12 months post birth, and there’s NOTHING you can do about it. She misses her hair incredibly.

Daddy’s hair has simply grown longer. Time for a regular cut.


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