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Drooling a lot again… are the top incisors pushing out?

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Before we forget, Happy Father’s Day!!

The bibs have never really disappeared from Jingheng’s neck, unlike Chloe, but they are now out with a vengeance. All signs of teething, AGAIN…: drooling (you know those long sticky strands), biting everything and anything, chewing his finger, making a lot of whiny sounds, unsettled sleep at night.

Stella (this gal is one hot mama) once said, “Why can’t babies just grow their teeth all at one go?” Really, why not?? I’m all for the 先苦后甜, give me the suffering X 100, then I’ll have bliss X 100 very soon.

Oh well, Jingheng is still a happy baby overall. Especially when his grandparents, aunt and uncle just came for a visit last week. So many fresh faces to play with him, NON-STOP, it’s no wonder he probably forgot the teething aches.

Shots from family day at 798 Art District over Duanwu Festival Holiday in China:

I love Mummy's tickles!

Maxi and mini Yap


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