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*Clap Clap Clap*

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Mastered a new trick today. After only a couple of days practice, with ayi and Simin 小堂姑 coaching. Boy, am I proud of myself! I can put my two palms together and… CLAP. I can’t produce the thundering applause yet, but trust me, the day will come when you will applaud me for doing so.

Daddy and mummy say I crawl and stand too much nowadays, but they still prefer me in this super mobile state than to my limpy-sick state. Make up your minds, mum and dad!

They also say I very “dia” these days too… but it’s well worth tilting my head sideways against your shoulder/ chest and give that cutie-pie smile – I get to rest my head (don’t you know that the head is a baby’s heaviest burden, butt comes next), and you adults make all those cute high-pitched “oooh, so sweet” responses… A clap for yourselves too, big babies

I had loads of fun with my 三叔公, 三婶婆, 小堂姑 and 小堂叔 these 2 days. Come again to Beijing ok!

Hey, I want to show off my new frisbee!

Ok, my fault we didn't manage to get a proper shot. But I'm hungry. Let's take another one next time


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