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Babies don’t need to holler for “服务员”

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Babies are like waiter-magnets:  If you have a baby at the table, waiters… hey nope, waitresses flock to your table without you calling out to them. Serve you? I wish. To play peekaboo with the babies of course.

Whereas us adults have to shout out each time we need a menu, refill glasses, order, tissue, more water (shouldn’t waiters refill without us requesting? sigh), more tissue, toothpick please….

Wish they wouldn’t interfere when we are feeding the kids. Don’t they know kids prefer playing with strangers over eating?

Come waitress come!

Chloe & Jingheng: More of us here — http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=248965&id=613059250&l=7434179af9


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