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Stuffing things down the belly… of the bed

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It is not the first time Jingheng has made things and toys disappear under the bed — he’s dropped 2 rattlers, 1 shaker, 1 pacifier, 1 TV remote (this one took us really ages to find, the spot it disappeared to was in our blind spot). But because either couldn’t hold them very well, or thought throwing them on the floor was fun. And the areas he dropped them on are usually around the sides of the bed. Which means retrievable.

Lately though, Jingheng discovered you can hold things and store between the mattress and the bed’s headboard (that’s 床头, I had to googled quite a bit). But if drops, it goes right down the belly of the bed and onto the middle of the floor. Which means very hard to retrieve.

Now to Jingheng, this is the gateway to FUN. He is now stuffing whatever he gets his hands on down, on purpose. Things that have been lucky to be caught just in time before they slip into the black hole — hankies, pacifier, Baby CD (of Madonna songs!!). We lost the ipod player remote control to the black hole yesterday though.

And he has extended this fun to the crack between the baywindow ledge and sofa couch. His squeaky dolphin and little horn are still stuck there now.

Nowadays, the equation is silence = up to some mischief. Red alert.


One thought on “Stuffing things down the belly… of the bed

  1. Kids are so amazing! They just find ways to entertain themselves!

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