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2 stories, that’s a new high

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Brought Jingheng to a storytelling session this morning for kids under 3 years. So far, he hasn’t exhibited any “talent” in sitting through one story book. Mostly, he crawls away before we are halfway through the books.

Well, maybe the kids there will stimulate his interest in reading and books. Doesn’t hurt anyway.

Perhaps coz it’s a weekday morning, there were only 2 kids — Jingheng and a Chinese boy of about 2-3 years old. As usual, Jingheng is quietly observing when he’s around new people and in new environment.

Maybe it’s the new environment or a new story teller (i.e. not mummy/ daddy), he listened quietly to the first story. That’s a record! He got a bit distracted when the very hyper Chinese boy started running around the room, Jingheng’s eyes kept tailing him. The story teller lady started the 2nd book, and Jingheng managed to sit through it, this time with a running distraction. Job well done little boy! Both boys couldn’t survived the 3rd book, so that’s pretty much end of story.


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