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Independence day

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It hasn’t been easy feeding the little boy lately. He’s always crying after a few mouthfuls and refuse to take anymore, even if it’s his favourite foods. Really frustrating and exasperating. When he refuse to eat, makes me more frustrated, then makes him even more unwilling to eat. It’s a viscious cycle.

Did some search online and discover
Jingheng has most likely a spoonfed complex – he dislikes being fed from a baby spoon, eating from his baby bowl. Most likely reason – he is growing up and asserting his individuality and independence.

Goodness, there’s such a complex? So complex.

Solution? Well, he loves adult chopsticks, our coffee teaspoon, the disposable plastic spoon etc. As long as it’s not his baby utensils! Haha. He’s also happier when he eats together with us, abd when he holds the spoon on his own (that he doesn’t mind his kiddy spoon).

A little adult he wants to be.


One thought on “Independence day

  1. hey i didn’t realise you have a blog until i clicked on “info” on FB. Anyway i sent Dylan’s invite to your gmail account on FB. Catch up soon!


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