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I can’t sit still and I can talk

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We have a budding cleaning supervisor at home now… he’s a great little helper for his grannies! Magic Clean is now one of little boy’s favourite toys. He likes rolling, lunging and burying his face into mattresses these days. And as my mum says, “He hasn’t sit still at all!”, the grandparents are exercising for more than usual by simply following him around.

5 mins of Jingheng playtime activities = all in a day’s work of an adult

His current vocabulary:

  • BaBa, mama, dear dear (he has been calling me this for a while! Learnt from his dad haha)
  • Birrrrr = Bird
  • Baaa Baaa = Bus
  • Che (i.e car)
  • Mum mum = eating/ food
  • nan nan = milk!
  • bear bear
  • maao = cat
  • woa woa – dog

Words that he has uttered randomly/ sometimes, and I guess would be a permanent fixture on his list soon:

  • po po = grandma
  • yi yi = my sis
  • flower
  • ho ho ho = santa!!

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