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It’s never too late, even after 19 years


The last time we met, we were not yet even teens, just two starry-eyed children of 12 years old.

And that meeting was 3 years after I moved from the West to even further West (yes, Boon Lay) and had transferred away from Qifa Primary where Rouwen and I were classmates/ pals from Primary 1. That meeting, there were Rouwen, Christopher, Tinghao, Jinghan and I. Rouwen remembered she insisted on going even though it was the first day of her chicken pox (I think none of us caught it), and I remembered I almost missed if I had not returned home earlier in time to get the message by phone (not yet pager era).

Rouwen & Yanni + Jingheng (oh, and penguin!)

Fast forward 19 years later, we finally met up in Tianjin! It was wonderful playing catch-up: Me, a stay-home mummy with a cheeky boy, and her with a successful career and fulfilling personal life.

All thanks to Rouwen’s spontaneity and spirit of adventure. She zoomed from Beijing to Tianjin after her lunch meetings, then zipped back to Beijing that night to catch her next day’s return flight to Singapore.

A perfect Friday.


2 thoughts on “It’s never too late, even after 19 years

  1. Hey Yanni, i am very grateful for my decision to make the trip.

    More often than not- we take Facebook for granted that friends lost and then found, friends forever will always be there.

    However, life is too short and too many crazy things happen. And it already sounds crazy enough that we haven’t met for 19 years.

    Am so happy to see that you are adapting well to life in china, in fact so proud of you. Although I myself travel so much – have never really thought that I am capable for settling down in a foreign land for more than 3 months 🙂 Always dying to be home after 1.5 week

    It was really cool catching up and there were moments that it felt like just yesterday that we were yakking away.

    Drumroll…. But the best part of the trip was definitely meeting the darling jingheng. He is such a bundle of love, joy and fun. You are indeed very blessed as a mom. Cherish your journey with him.
    I wish you all the wisdom, patience and joy in your adventures of being a mom, wife and an inspiration to others around you!


  2. Dear Rouwen,

    The conference you went was the reason we met, so I thank STB, even if the event they organised was crappy for you 🙂

    Never really thought living overseas was all that impossible, maybe because I’m in the midst of it. But still, you saying it makes me feel good and encouraged, because it gets tiring and boring here sometimes without many friends (yet only, I hope :)). Thanks dear!

    I can feel the energy you have for your career, family and everything in life, which is really motivating for me. I am really happy to see you looking wonderful after all these years.

    A girlfriend used to describe her and mine friendship is one such that even if we don’t meet or communicate or chat for many days, weeks, months, we could always pick up the paused link and reconnect as if time has not stopped. I think it’s apt for us too 🙂

    Thanks for your lovely comments on Jingheng. He enjoyed that night immensely as well, and kept saying jie jie after you left.

    Stay in touch! Next time you’re in Beijing, I’ll zipped over!


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