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Tianjin lady riders and The Scarf

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I remember when I was on my way for my first dinner on day 1 in Tianjin, I spotted these ladies on the road immediately. They were everywhere.  I recall feeling rather startled for a few moments, because (1) I worry non-stop they will suffocate, (2) they very unfortunately resemble bank robbers wearing stockings over their heads, and (3) I have never seen such fashion on any streets in China yet.

I suppose The Scarf is a cheap and non-obstructive alternative to caps/goggles to shield them from the northern wind and sand – it is a winter wardrobe essential. It’s just that, it’s a scary-looking contraption.

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I spot them less often now in summer. Maybe it’s a winter fashion, because the visor caps are out. The ladies have probably retired The Scarf along with the rest of winter wear. For some odd reason, I kinda miss them.


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