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Less trees, less birds

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Jingheng is an avid bird watcher. So when we were going to return to Tianjin, I commented that he’s gonna miss the omnipresent birds in Singapore.

A common exclamation: “Aren’t there birds in China?”

Well… Yeah… But Singapore flying flocks are like our evergreen trees, they are old, sprawling, tall and everywhere so much you don’t notice them at all.

In Beijing/Tianjin, the birds are also like the local greenery – sparse, short and bare, especially in winter. So you can’t help but notice every single one. Hey, it’s a treat for jingling to spot his birdie friends!


A rare oasis of flowers, grass and trees in Hexi, Tianjin, where we stay.


Birds were chirping in the trees! This is the green stretch


A common sight/site in the city- construction of the next mega building. That's the one right outside our apartment Somerset (the first tall building from left in the background)

We miss the kitties here too… only dogs spotted… Meow.

These are times when you miss the home you take for granted.


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