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Whipping out the iPhone fish

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When the little one is in one of those inconsolable moods, I will try all our arts, such as art of distraction (*point finger* “See, there’s a bird!”); art of singing (*fingers moving like a duck’s beak* “Twinkle twinkle little star”); art of feeding (“Do you want some biscuits?” *shake biscuit Lock&Lock box*). When all else fail, and I’m out of my wits, and just just about to cross the line bordering sanity and madness, I will whip out the iPhone.

Yesterday was such a day.

He was ranting non-stop about drawing fish “画画鱼” (what’s new?) and wanting markers “笔”. But we were at a dim sum restaurant for lunch, and it unfortunately wasn’t those thoughtful child-friendly establishments where they provide drawing paper and crayons to distract your tod.

Out came daddy’s iPhone-TV tuned to a special fish channel (some fishing game where fishes go around in circles and you try to net them).

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Shhhh. Don’t disturb him. Or us.


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