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Happy Children’s Day!

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I’m not groggy in the head (to my friends in Singapore).

1 June is International Children’s Day, and we celebrate children in China on this day because China is going international. Nah, I made the last part up, the Chinese kid’s day has always been 1 Jun since the Gen Y folks can remember.

Jingheng celebrated his day the first time by going to a children’s musical play, an adapted version of the German fairy tale – The Fisherman and His Wife or 渔夫和金鱼.  For storyline, read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fisherman_and_His_Wife

Our tickets to song and dance

天津大剧院 (Tianjin Theatre?) was just outside our apartment, so we took a lovely stroll there. For some reason, I imagined the theatre to be the size of Raffles Hotel’s Jubilee Hall. But it’s actually more Victoria Concert Hall, slightly larger in fact. Silly me, this is China, how can there be anything small??

A Nemo-neon twirling light, befitting the occasion!

Mummy, stop posing. When is the show starting?

The song and dance were in Chinese, pretty fun, somewhat interactive, had a colourful stage, and best of all, there were lots of scenes on fish!

The magical golden flounder

The baddie fish - Jingheng's favourite fish! I think it has to do with the very visible tentacles.

(P/S: Pardon my crappy iPhone shots under low light)

The little boy enjoyed the first half immensely, rocking to the music and pointing out kor kor and jie jie and fish on stage. He got impatient in the second half when the story was revolving more around the greedy wife, and that means less scenes on the fishes — I suddenly heard someone crying. Looked around and then realised, to my horror, it was Jingheng, bawling about wanting fish! Haha. Oh well, I can’t make the fish appear, and he didn’t want to watch anymore, so we left.

Overall, a good 90-minute celebration and I am glad and proud that Jingheng actually could sit through for so long. I was prepared to leave even mid-way. *Pat on his back*

Celebrating Children’s Day this early incidentally brings me to wonder – why do we celebrate Children’s Day on 1 Oct in Singapore? Does anyone know?


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