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Me and colour pencils


He has been into drawing in the last couple of weeks. Well, scrawling really. A not-so-often occasion when he scrawls quietly by himself:

He also prefers to the adults to draw for him, than to do it himself. He’s rather sergeant-like in his demands: He will pick a colour marker and tell you to “拔“ (i.e. take away the marker cap). Then he tells you the item he wants you to draw which is usually fish (*mummy groan*), and usually particularly specify that he wants it “Big” and provides the hand wide open action to complement the command. When he’s satisfied with your pictures, he will take away your marker and go “盖” (cover it back!). Then he’ll pick up yet another colour, and there we go again.

That’s how we end up with so many darn aquariums.

Maybe we should have known. Afterall, he did picked out colour pencils for 抓周 when he was a year old – which btw, this supposedly means he is destined to be an artist/ artiste in the future.

Then again, if we had included a fish among the options, he might have told us he wants to be a fisherman.

P/S: I wanted to add a music track to the second video in iMovie, but it didn’t work, and I pride myself to be techie enough ARGH! Does anyone know how?


2 thoughts on “Me and colour pencils

  1. Goodness!! No background music in the second video but I do see a pair of fat legs in the background. Cos they are mine!!! How embarrassing~~~ LOL!!!

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