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I’m spinning around on Dumpling Day


Today’s a day of dumplings and dragonboats in commemoration of 屈原 Qu Yuan. Happy gobbling dumplings!

端午节 is public hols here. Had planned to visit the Water Park with Jingheng. But the morning was gloomy and weather forecast predicted showers. Hey, no floods, heng ah.So we popped over to nearby Capital Mall instead.

There’s an indoor children’s playground 爱乐游. Paid up 50rmb, and in went son and daddy. Time for some daddy-son bonding!

After 5 minutes of looking around in awe and observing the many kids, the big kids, the very active kids, Jingheng warmed up as well. Shapeshifted into a standing hamster:

… Vroomed down a disco slide…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

… But the one he loved most by far – the spinning balancing triangle… lalala I’m spinning around, move out of my way.

Are you spinning yet? We are. Time to go.

Felt cheated by the sky because it was super sunny outside then. But hey, no floods. Heng ah.


2 thoughts on “I’m spinning around on Dumpling Day

  1. Hey! The disco slide is happening sia! No such things here in SG.

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