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Sticky 粘 stickers

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It was a brilliant brainwave.

He was pooping a lot of times on Wednesday, and for some reason, he refused to go to the toilet or be quiet while changing his diapers. Didn’t help he was rather cranky that day too, and my ears were ringing with his whining. He had stepped on his poop from his first diaper change, and I was frustrated with cleaning up a whining and moving boy.

When he pooped yet another time, and we had to make yet another toilet trip, I really didn’t want to change him while he’s so argh. I needed something to keep him quiet for that short 5 minutes.

I told him – let’s go stick the new bubble stickers on the stool in the toilet. Hoho. Diaper change bliss.

He loved the stickers – there were Thomas trains, cars, fishes, balls. It was even more fun plucking them out and sticking them on stool, sofa and toilet paper rolls.

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There was an unexpected bonus.

He played quietly. By himself. Ignoring me. For one whole hour.

Double hoho hoho. SUPER BLISS.


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