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Tianjin Zoo

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So glad we decided to cancel Jingheng’s art class to join June and her daughter Kaimei on her impromptu ‘jeo’ to visit the zoo on Wednesday.

Not Singapore’s zoo standard (I have finally fully appreciated our claim as having ione of the best zoos in the world), but it was a pretty good zoo, for China’s (more specifically Beijing) standards. The ground were generally clean, the animals lived in more decent cages with some toys/ gadgets/ plants instead of just 4 cold walls and many of them had companions so they were not in solitary – my key grouse for the Beijing zoo.

A very enjoyable morning 🙂

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The only incidents that marred the trip were the inconsiderate local visitors, who attempted to get wake the animals in their morning/afternoon slumber so that the animals will move and make some sounds for the visitors entertainment.

I’m not a perfect person, but there should be basic respect for the animals. I told them not to, and they were visibly upset. A young woman out with friends threw some peanuts to the small monkeys – she stared at me in perplexity; a man on a date with his girlfriend knocked on the glass of the cage where the “lesser panda” was leaning against in sleep – he replied “why would it be scared if I knock on the glass?”; a father poured water on a snoozing big brown bear lying in the corner of his open enclosure to get it to wake up and walk around for his son to see – he defended his action: “It’s not sleeping, it’s just being lazy”.


Oh, in my grouse, I forgot the 2nd incident that marred the trip – Jingheng stepped on poop. Argh. And I had to wash the new shoes with a tooth brush. Double argh.


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