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The Hon family visited the Yaps in Tianjin over the weekend. So spontaenous!

Jingheng, as usual, took a while to warm up to the “new” folks in his normal routine. After a buffet dinner at Raffles Hotel on Saturday, Jingheng was running around with Chloe in H&M, mimicking each other hiding behind clothes rack, touching clothes and lying on the floor. And very unexpectedly, he gave a Chloe a peck on the forehead for the night! LOL. It’s a big deal because it’s way out of his norm behaviour.

We joined the Hons to visit the Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park (天津滨海航母主题公园) on Sunday (A pity Daddy couldn’t come along because he had to OT). Memorable way road trip because we hollanded an hour, veering off course onto a suspiciously-incomplete highway into a part of 塘沽 that is still under development.

Finally reached our destination after a huge roundabout way. Shag.

One of the largest old aircraft carriers from Ukraine, the carrier “基辅”号航母 has 5 decks and can take 37 aircrafts. Definitely not a pram-place, because we had to walk up and down stairs and venture into the old narrow corridors to peek at the various chambers. We also caught a side show where a man pulled a plane weighing 4 tons… with his left ear! OUCH. There was also a star highlight performance 反击风暴 – Anti-terrorist stunt performance depicting a story about piracy on the seas, Hollywood-style. I must say, I am impressed. It was really Hollywood-style, with real fire, gun shots, stunts, tricks, fight sequence and the works. Just imagine a Hollywood blockbuster action sequence, live, dubbed in Chinese. A must-watch.

A very pleasant weekend. Come again dear friends!

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