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Me think that these 红色 (it’s the only colour I readily recognise now), yellow, blue and green plastic pieces are so much fun!

叔叔 and 姑姑 have been playing stack-a-high-Stonehenge, which somehow tumbles when I put a piece at the very top, especially if it’s my car car; we have built a taller-than-Jingheng flagpole, which again tumbles when I try to a put a piece on the very top; we also push the pieces to fall one on the other after painstakingly lining up each one, I think you call it domino? The 排队 part is boring, I leave it to 叔叔 and 姑姑 (they don’t like me to touch anything while they do the 排队 anyway). They leave me the honour to push that one piece which begins the knocking out action, and I am very expert at that!

So you surely can understand it’s one of my favourite games at Ah Mah’s place.

But recently 叔叔 and 姑姑 showed me a new way to play. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is crème de la crème.

(Warning: LONG video. I bet only my grandparents will finish watching this, but hey, they are the seniors who love me most and I love them too!)


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