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Only 65% Singaporean? But I make chui kuey!

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In celebration of National Day last week, I took a “survey” to test how Singaporean I am (http://iamsingaporean.sg —  btw, it’s the first time I didn’t have to fill in a form, it’s pure direct analysis from your FB postings. very cool tool they have there). Quite sure I’ll be rated very Singaporean.

But but but…

I only scored 65%! That’s barely scraping pass to a B3!

I quickly put my quantitative research analysis skills to task. After crunching all the numbers and %, I’m fairly certain I scored low because I got a big fat 0 for “Chopes at Hawker Centres” and also big nought for “Posted photos of local food” in my FB.

Fine. I post now lor.

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I go to Sunshine Plaza just for my wantun mee fix, and we also queue for 豆, opps I mean KOI.

Hey I make chui kuey too… Does that make me 110% Singaporean?

This post also just boosted my Singaporean-ness… This definitely adds to the count on “Number of times you’ve complained”. 🙂


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