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Trains are nothing without their tracks


Frankly, I’m quite sick of playing cars and trains (sorry son, mummy gets tired of your fav games so often hor). I’m a girl, I need my Barbie dolls, masak masak cooking and plastic make up kit complete with the plastic red lipstick.

I mean, what fun is there to rolling the cars/ trains (or anything on wheels for that matter) to and fro across the floor? It’s worse when your car veer off-course and end up in the next room, and you have to go pick it up because your son won’t stop chiming “Mama, 拿”. Eve said she had to play the carpark gantry countless times when Lucas played with his cars and carpark, she got so bored she would read a book in one hand while mechanically operating the gantry up and down in the other.

It’s so mundane.

Well, not if you get the train tracks. The fun quotient is very much boosted, somehow, when your trains and cars go zip around on the tracks. Not forgetting how much it can entertain your son, and the peace you get in the meantime.

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Big lesson learnt. Best toy investment to date.

Son, mummy will buy you more tracks, ok?


2 thoughts on “Trains are nothing without their tracks

  1. Hey! Didn’t know you blog on a regular basis!

    I always receive “the evil eye” when I spend too much time in front of the computer – some folks view it as a time-wasting and meaningless exercise 😛

    They don’t understand that writing is therapeutic and it cleanses the soul. Mine, at least.

    The boy’s grown! Fast eh?

    • Hi! I try to blog when I have the energy, main motivation is to keep Jingheng’s grandparents updated with him, so the entries are mainly about him now. Hopefully I’ll be able to cull more time to write about other stuff, because I agree it’s therapeutic too 🙂 If the evil eye belong to lao ban, just give him the darkest shades you can find and ignore the glint LOL. Yeah, they shoot up so fast! In fact, he’s 2 year old yesterday + 5 mins!

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