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The Little Nyonya

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Always heartwarming to see familiar faces when you are away from home.

Ng Hui, Joanne Peh, Pierre Png, Ou Xuan (I don’t dig your acting, but hey it’s still nice to see you) etc, thank you for appearing on my home TV. I really love the nyonya dresses, very becoming.

Little Nyonya

The Little Nyonya

Liaoning cable (辽宁卫视), thank you for not dubbing over with your proper Chinese speech and lingo so that I get to hear the Singapore Mandarin right here way up north.

2 years late for chasing this super hot drama (slow again!), and I’m deserting my motherly duties of cooking lunch for Jingheng to chase the tribulations of Yue Niang. If not now, then when? 🙂

Oh wait! I don’t have to desert my motherly duties! I can turn my TV and watch while stirring the pot. Yay!

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