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The one when mummy almost taught him to swear

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Lately the little one became re-interested in the Baby Love music collection, so I played the ABBA and Madonna collections during bedtime. Once, I got bored lying next to him while waiting for him to fall asleep, so I hummed unconsciously to the tunes. He suddenly blurted out ‘不要 mm mm mm’ and chuckled! Woah perfect pronunciation of mmmm. So i switched to lalala and he said the same ‘ 不要 la la la’. Whatever da da woo woo na an I used, he just laughed and said ‘不要 XXX’.

That’s smart for a 2 year old! And his pronunciation were very good!

So mummy got bored again tonight, and thought hey, let’s not waste the chance and get him to say his ABCs. Singing along to Honey Honey, I started with ‘A A A A, A A A A A A’ (you sing along – Honey honey, how you thrill me, ah-huh). As expected, he said ‘不要 aaa’. Ah success! Here we go…

B B B B, B B B B… 不要 bee bee bee C C C C, C C… 不要 si si si D D D…. 不要 di di di E E E E… 不要 ee ee ee F F F F (oh wait a minute, did i just teach him to swear… Crap!)… 不要 Fu Fu Fu

He can’t pronounce his Fs and just spew saliva all over… Whew!


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