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Table planking

Table planking caught in the act by Mengting yiyi!

Well, almost.

According to Wikipedia, “the hands must touch the sides of the body…Rigidity of the body must be maintained to constitute good planking”. Jingheng, remember to plank better next time!

Googled to find out what planking has been done. A lot! Here is one that I like – a wedding plank from The Official Home of Planking

The happiest plank indeed! I wouldn't mind doing it for my own wedding album...*hint hint hubby, when are we taking the shots for fun?*

And this – a cabin plank. You have got to give it them for getting him up!

Passenger Plank

Cabin compartment plank - I give full marks!

Well well! We have our very own planking community in sunny Singapore – 3K fans strong on Planking Singapore FB. I can see recent posts, so yay, we are not so outdated here in Tianjin!


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