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Kit Chan’s Music Room. Yanni’s Me Time.

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Our gateway to a night of beautiful music

Was determined to catch Kit Chan when I first heard news of Music Room. I certainly didn’t want to miss it like My Musical Journey during Huayi early this year because it was sold out before I even knew it. Boy, I felt like a winner when my sister successfully choped this pair of Sistic tickets.

She crooned beautifully. She gave us all of her own familiar tunes we were waiting for. She belted songs of others that were passionately rendered. She never fail to ace my interpretation of “感动度”. She stirred up all my old memories from secondary school days onwards when her voice on the radio/cassette/CD was my constant companion.

I enjoyed it immensely. And so did everyone around me. Especially the man sitting on my front left swayed left right up down with all songs throughout the concert, I could see the corner of his spectacles bobbing along with his body. Everyone in the hall was singing along to all the tunes, and sounded like an unofficial but beautiful backup for Kit Chan.

Considering she’s been and still is top on my list of “Who’s your favourite artiste?” since her first album, I wonder what took me so long to join Kit Kat Club. I have just applied and please don’t reject me.

I’m extremely thankful that tonight (13 Oct, Thu) was her performance because I desperately needed some personal and just myself me-time. Years ago before mummyhood, that 3 hours would just have been great music, but tonight it was also balm to my burnt out spirit, or just simply Carrie’s apartment she kept for Charlotte’s personal time after she moved in with Bigg.

I finally truly know what my birthday wish will be. Birthday wishes don’t really come true, do they? Will I break the spell if I spell it out loud?

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Don’t care, here goes. I would love learn singing from Kit Chan.


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