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The honest Malay cab driver who made my day

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“That’s so you, my dear.”

That’s exactly what hubby said when I msn to say I wouldn’t be able to text him for the rest of the day because I just dropped my phone in the cab.

Yes it is, if you are thinking “OMG is that an iPhone?”.

Lucky me and lucky iPhone, we met a wonderful cabbie.

He picked up my call on my mobile, and offered to pass it to me at my block on his way home that night. When it was 30min past the designated time, I could wait no longer and called to see if he were on the way, and found that he had been waiting downstairs by my block for the past half hour, but couldn’t reach me because he remembered my home number wrongly. He didn’t appear impatient after the long wait, just remained quietly smiling when he handed me my phone and a 20c coin I had apparently dropped together. The best was, he parted with a super friendly gesture by giving me some snacks a Chinese passenger had given him. I felt horribly empty-handed and wished I had brought some keropok for him that my mum just fried!

Mr Zailini (I hope I got your name correct, the lady at call centre couldn’t trace it just then), SHC2038T from Comfort Cab, thank you very very much your kind act of honesty, friendliness and your quiet smile. Thanks for making my day.

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