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My college life in boxes

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I did spend four years slogging in NTU CS. Ok, I know CS is quite “slack” compared to engineering, accounting; we don’t have homework everyday, nor do we slog over vectors or nanospheres, and our projects are darn glam and fun, e.g. produce a video, record a radio jingle, write a newspaper report.

Oh, but what do the old student days matter now. 10 years down, my university note-taking journey is reduced to just 3 cardboard cartons of paper trash:

College life = 2 fruit cartons and 1 "360 deg mop" box

I remember this assignment vividly, because it totally opened new doors of thought as I delved into gay literature for the first time. There are so many alternative opinions and thinking in life, isn't it pity we simply stick by ours and make everyone live by ours? I reread the essay (co-written with Christine and still with pencil markings by Ah Gong Prof), and I think we can just say that there is that not much progress in Singapore landscape for the gay community in the last 10 years.

My mum said “这样才是读书人”. Hmm, I prefer to be a 读-Kindle-人, so that there’s only electronic aftermath to deal with. Just click delete. Just like what you do with the “knowledge” you learned.

I guess these notes should be on the way to be recycled. While they move on to a new life, I’m not too sure what kind of new life my knowledge has taken on. In fact, I’m pretty sure they have gone into non-existence.

Unfortunately, the darn textbooks are still lying around me to constantly remind me I have not deleted them yet. It’s such a pity to recycle them, they are quite NEW. What do I do with them!?

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