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Our breakfast this 9deg November morning

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Cheese egg bacon burger! The most decent-looking I've managed to ruse up thus far.

Hubby lived like a bachelor-style when Jingheng and me were in SG – clothes fresh from dryer strewn on the couch, feasting on soda crackers for breakfast on weekends till they’re long gone and the biscuit box remained in the living room etc. He said, “no one pamper me”.

He wanted bread with cheese for breakfast this morning, and so I decided to make an extra-nice cheese burger for the guy. When he saw the plate, he actually said “Wah, I only wanted bread with cheese, why so complicated?”.


Luckily, he also said, “This is very nice”. And chomped down the whole thing.

On the other hand, my son decided that the burger should be eaten not as a whole, but by the individual pieces. And so the bacon were the first the disappear. Then he thought it wasn’t tasty enough, so he smeared on his own yoghurt spread. 阿公阿嬷公公婆婆,看我吃早餐!

Breakfast is gone, and it’s lunch time now. We GOTTA go out shopping, only because Jingheng is down to his very last diaper now on his butt. Go go go!


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