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A Friday at Balestier

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We spent a simple but eventful Friday at Balestier area – taking buses, waiting, playing, waiting waiting waiting waiting, buying, queuing, talking to parrot 安安 and baking!

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Jingheng is at a stage where he wants to help in everything the adults do. “我也要一起做”. So he took part in every stage of baking the fruit cake – from stirring the batter, to coating the mixed fruits with flour, and even carrying the the baking tray to the oven. And then grin in triumph when the cakes-are-a-baking.

I’m glad he volunteers to pitch in, and see no reason for stopping him. I initially rejected his help with adult tasks, having the mentality that he will mess things up and slow things down. But quickly realised it’s a mistake because this is when he learns new skills, bonds with the adults he’s helping and takes away a feel-good experience. Why should we stop him from helping? 🙂

So there he was, helping Auntie Chen (Aloysius mummy) in a very adult and delicate task of laying out freshly baked pineapple tarts (very yummy!) in the boxes.


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