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Mummy, I’m going to find Zhou Gong

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One afternoon, my mum helped to babysit little boy while I geared up to finish some work for a client. Time flew by while they played and I punched the keyboard furiously, and soon it was his nap time.

He hates to sleep and it always takes some new tricks or logic to make him go to bed, and most of time, unwillingly. That day, my mum had a sudden idea.

Mum: 靖恒,你要不要找周公?
JH: 周公在哪里?
Mum: 周公在楼上 (we were at my sis’ duplex flat)
JH: 我们一起去吧!
(He happily held my mum’s hand and ambled up the stairs. Halfway up, he looked back at me, sitting at the table, to inform me proudly)
JH: Mummy, 我要去找周公了。。。
Me: Huh?? (My mum gave me the be-quiet eye, snickering at the same time) Oh, 好啊!Byebye! (Attempted to hide my guffaw)
JH: Ok!

(Up in the room, I heard some noises and cries… this was what transpired)
JH: 婆婆,周公在哪里呢?
Mum: 你躺下来,关眼睛,周公就来了。
JH: (Start to realise it’s a bedtime trick) 我不要关眼睛!我不要找周公了!不要!!!!!!!!

The search for 周公 ended unsuccessfully and little boy went without a nap. Couple of hours later…

Mum: (trying her luck) 你要找周公吗?
JH: 不要!!!!!

Hahaha. 周公 is everyone’s best friend except little boy.


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