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DIY: Moleskine-inspired notebook

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I once told a friend that sadness fuels the pen. Found out yesterday that anger fuels DIY.

Had a rough afternoon during nap time, “battling” with little boy, cold-war style. I was fuming over the situation (why why why is it so hard for you to go to bed????), and need to vent the anger away. Somehow Marc’s moleskine notebook came to mind (probably coz I met him earlier at lunch) and thought, I’m gonna make myself one like that – I always wanted a notebook that could open up really flat.

My very own creation - a moleskine-inspired notebook πŸ˜€

So I googled in bed on the sly, keeping quiet to bore little boy to sleep. Michael Shannon and arte.sano from instructables had great ideas and tutorials. Setting to work after the big grass finally dozed off, and pretty much completed my notebook that night.

Materials: Papers, dental floss (excellent idea fr arte.sano), white craft glue (I prefer this because it works for paper, dries fast and dries clear), needle, cereal box, elastic band and whatever stuff you want to prettify the notebook with.

Dental floss makes my pages smell minty!

Punching my holes with the trusty needle and blue tack underneath so I wouldn't poke the bed/ tables - great idea I learnt from Mister Maker. Kids art programme are useful for adults too haha

Good old Chinese dictionary as a book press

Rescued Jacob's biscuit box from the bin for my cover

Dressing up the cover, magazine-fashionista style

Ready to combine spine and pages

Took it out from under the dictionary while waiting for the glue. Didn't really like the girl on my cover (she was meant to be covered by other pictures). But laziness overtook, and so she stayed πŸ™‚

Opening my notebook... It can go real flat!

Attaching an envelope on the back page. Picture of cows grazing intended for son, when potential distraction needed

Adding the black elastic band... A stylish touch that's also practical.

My best upcycling DIY to date, and truly from scrap to a polished product.
Materials are easily found at home; few raw materials needed; effective use of rough paper; process is pretty idiot proof with the excellent tutorials (waiting for glue to dry was the toughest for impatient me); cost is pretty much zero; time taken – only one night; and best of all, it looks damn good! What’s not to like haha.

A very sustainable green project – I can imagine doing this every time my notebook runs out. And I won’t feel guilty throwing it all away, since I rescued them from the bin once!

What a good way to nullify bad emotions. All poof!

Notes to self:

  • Wrap cover with fabric for different look
  • Elastic band should be 2x height of notebook
  • Endpaper for pasting over the elastic band should be just slightly smaller than the size of cover so that elastic band would be more secure and taut

One thought on “DIY: Moleskine-inspired notebook

  1. Good way to upcycle materials. I can appreciate the effort and planning it takes to get your books to lie flat when opened. That should always be the goal when binding books.

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