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Can you give me a bowl of black rice porridge?

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Noteworthy anecdote:

At our weekly family dinner in a hidden-away restaurant, us adults were almost near end of course but still eating. Suddenly, Little Boy surprised all of us by returning to the table from fish-watching with a bowl of black rice porridge.

Me and hubby thought our aunt, who was fish-watching with him, had helped him get the dessert. But no no, Little Boy had asked a waitress all by himself, with no spurring from any adult.

Apparently as the waitress walked past him, he suddenly piped asked, “可以给我一个orh bee ber (黑米粥/black rice porridge) 吗?"
"你再大声说一次吗?"she said
"可以给我一个orh bee ber吗?"he repeated louder.

And so she did give him.

Me was very happy and so was the hubby, and we spurred him on to ask for another bowl from the same waitress for Lixing, his little cousin.

He did and was rewarded 🙂

This is one big feat for our introverted friend, who’s crazy like a dragon in familiar company but shy like a worm in even slightly foreign environments when eyes are on him.

You are growing up, boy! Ask well and you will get…

You can place all our food orders next time…

Enjoying the orh bee ber!


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