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DIY: Makeup Remover

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Occasions to wear make up are far fewer these days since I’m no longer working in the office and meeting clients. When my commercial makeup remover expired after sitting there and collecting dust, I searched for cheaper homemade alternatives and the trusty Pinterest offered some interesting suggestions.
Mixing ideas from different bloggers (see here and here), I ended up with this recipe since the ingredients were simplest and available at home, and most sustainable to concoct in long run.


Give it a good shake to mix all ingredients.
Shake well before each use.

Verdict: great! Does all the cleaning magic on makeup, even waterproof eyeliner. Best of all, all natural stuff, no chemicals. I like the layered-look of the liquid mixture too.


    Discard after a few months, or when you notice it smells funny. Afterall, there’s no preservatives added.
    Make a smaller bottle if you don’t use it often.
    Can try adding a few drops of essential oil for fragrance. Plan to try soon.

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