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Our breakfast this 9deg November morning

Cheese egg bacon burger! The most decent-looking I've managed to ruse up thus far.

Hubby lived like a bachelor-style when Jingheng and me were in SG – clothes fresh from dryer strewn on the couch, feasting on soda crackers for breakfast on weekends till they’re long gone and the biscuit box remained in the living room etc. He said, “no one pamper me”.

He wanted bread with cheese for breakfast this morning, and so I decided to make an extra-nice cheese burger for the guy. When he saw the plate, he actually said “Wah, I only wanted bread with cheese, why so complicated?”.


Luckily, he also said, “This is very nice”. And chomped down the whole thing.

On the other hand, my son decided that the burger should be eaten not as a whole, but by the individual pieces. And so the bacon were the first the disappear. Then he thought it wasn’t tasty enough, so he smeared on his own yoghurt spread. 阿公阿嬷公公婆婆,看我吃早餐!

Breakfast is gone, and it’s lunch time now. We GOTTA go out shopping, only because Jingheng is down to his very last diaper now on his butt. Go go go!


Tumbling with the balls

Mummy brought me to tumble in these small balls before, but I didn’t really like them. The immense quantity. Two I can handle with finesse, four easily, six pretty fun. But a whole tub of them, no no. Maybe they appear larger than life because I was still a puny baby with lotus roots arms.

I must have grown up because they seem smaller even though they are so many of them. And they make such wonderful cushions for falling onto! I grew more and more confident as I lunged into them from further distances!

More balls please?

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Oh, it’s Children’s Day 2011!

Spent a wonderful afternoon lunching French fare al fresco at Flo Brasserie in the Italian Style Town. Beautiful blue sky, cool weather of 18deg, yummy food and really tasty dessert, good service, clean toilets… heavenly!

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Strolled around the art and craft bazaar after lunch, and then realised it’s Children’s Day today. Totally forgot because it is not today over here. Jingheng had 2 gifts: a 喜羊羊 balloon and a long gaze through the metal gate at some clucking hens and cocks in someone’s garden.

Happy Children’s Day kids!


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The Little Nyonya

Always heartwarming to see familiar faces when you are away from home.

Ng Hui, Joanne Peh, Pierre Png, Ou Xuan (I don’t dig your acting, but hey it’s still nice to see you) etc, thank you for appearing on my home TV. I really love the nyonya dresses, very becoming.

Little Nyonya

The Little Nyonya

Liaoning cable (辽宁卫视), thank you for not dubbing over with your proper Chinese speech and lingo so that I get to hear the Singapore Mandarin right here way up north.

2 years late for chasing this super hot drama (slow again!), and I’m deserting my motherly duties of cooking lunch for Jingheng to chase the tribulations of Yue Niang. If not now, then when? 🙂

Oh wait! I don’t have to desert my motherly duties! I can turn my TV and watch while stirring the pot. Yay!

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All aboard, ahoy!

The Hon family visited the Yaps in Tianjin over the weekend. So spontaenous!

Jingheng, as usual, took a while to warm up to the “new” folks in his normal routine. After a buffet dinner at Raffles Hotel on Saturday, Jingheng was running around with Chloe in H&M, mimicking each other hiding behind clothes rack, touching clothes and lying on the floor. And very unexpectedly, he gave a Chloe a peck on the forehead for the night! LOL. It’s a big deal because it’s way out of his norm behaviour.

We joined the Hons to visit the Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park (天津滨海航母主题公园) on Sunday (A pity Daddy couldn’t come along because he had to OT). Memorable way road trip because we hollanded an hour, veering off course onto a suspiciously-incomplete highway into a part of 塘沽 that is still under development.

Finally reached our destination after a huge roundabout way. Shag.

One of the largest old aircraft carriers from Ukraine, the carrier “基辅”号航母 has 5 decks and can take 37 aircrafts. Definitely not a pram-place, because we had to walk up and down stairs and venture into the old narrow corridors to peek at the various chambers. We also caught a side show where a man pulled a plane weighing 4 tons… with his left ear! OUCH. There was also a star highlight performance 反击风暴 – Anti-terrorist stunt performance depicting a story about piracy on the seas, Hollywood-style. I must say, I am impressed. It was really Hollywood-style, with real fire, gun shots, stunts, tricks, fight sequence and the works. Just imagine a Hollywood blockbuster action sequence, live, dubbed in Chinese. A must-watch.

A very pleasant weekend. Come again dear friends!

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Tianjin Zoo

So glad we decided to cancel Jingheng’s art class to join June and her daughter Kaimei on her impromptu ‘jeo’ to visit the zoo on Wednesday.

Not Singapore’s zoo standard (I have finally fully appreciated our claim as having ione of the best zoos in the world), but it was a pretty good zoo, for China’s (more specifically Beijing) standards. The ground were generally clean, the animals lived in more decent cages with some toys/ gadgets/ plants instead of just 4 cold walls and many of them had companions so they were not in solitary – my key grouse for the Beijing zoo.

A very enjoyable morning 🙂

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The only incidents that marred the trip were the inconsiderate local visitors, who attempted to get wake the animals in their morning/afternoon slumber so that the animals will move and make some sounds for the visitors entertainment.

I’m not a perfect person, but there should be basic respect for the animals. I told them not to, and they were visibly upset. A young woman out with friends threw some peanuts to the small monkeys – she stared at me in perplexity; a man on a date with his girlfriend knocked on the glass of the cage where the “lesser panda” was leaning against in sleep – he replied “why would it be scared if I knock on the glass?”; a father poured water on a snoozing big brown bear lying in the corner of his open enclosure to get it to wake up and walk around for his son to see – he defended his action: “It’s not sleeping, it’s just being lazy”.


Oh, in my grouse, I forgot the 2nd incident that marred the trip – Jingheng stepped on poop. Argh. And I had to wash the new shoes with a tooth brush. Double argh.