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How long? 2 years 7 months, already?

Most mums I know always have the answer at the tip of their tongues. “Oh, he’s 28 months now” or “She’s 19 months coming to 20 already!”. Excellent, mummies.

A colleague told me once that when you become a mum (or mum-to-be), you will naturally start counting kids’ age in weeks and months. Not me leh. I’m still very lost when telling you how old Jingheng is now in months, especially when he passed the 1 year mark.

Now, I know it’s perfectly fine to state it in Year + Months format, but heck, I even have problems with that. I simply cannot remember “how long” stuff. (The hubby will attest. He is always springing me sudden impromptu quiz of important dates, e.g. “How long have we been married?”. Er, I gotta count leh. Then he gives me the evil I-caught-you grin. Stop testing me lah!). So I pretty much gave up and been telling everyone since start of the year, that he’s 2.5 years.

Now thanks to cousin Edlyn (check out her blog ;, she’s an excellent writer), I found Lilypie (look right to the sidebar), and it tells me instantly – JINGHENG IS 2 YEARS, 7 MONTHS, 1 WEEK AND 6 DAYS OLD. Wohoo!

So, pardon me if I whipped out my iPhone to check my son’s age for you next time, ok?


At 2 years, 7 months, 1 week and 2 days old: Son, fyi it's the first shot you wanted me to take of you. You said - Mummy, 拍我


At 2 years, 7 months, 1 week and 3 days old: I-don't-want-bedtime look. Papy says you look very cheeky.

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Viridian Art House

Last Feb, was at the opening launch of Viridian Art House, an art space opened by a dear friend Chyi Yun and 5 of her artist friends. It showcases their art work which are also for sale, offers art classes for both children and adults, and boast a cafe with a relaxed ambience.

I like that it is located at the base of Fort Canning, and you get a nice cozy artistic corner in the midst of lush greenery where you can also sip coffee and chat with friends.

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If you are like us and wondering what Viridian meant, it’s artist jargon for a shade of green. Pretty much like how Pantone assigns a number for each colour for printers, but artists use words instead. They use their right brain more heh. I only remember cobalt blue from my water colour paints in school!

Not sure if all the 6 artists favours the colour Viridian, but it sure reflects its location 🙂

Chyi Yun is one of the few who has tenaciously held on to her passion for art, from since I knew her when we were just 12. Art is part of her interest, hobby, life and work, and I admire her for her unwavering perseverance to make art work for her, which we all know is not easy-peasy in Singapore. She’s always an inspiration to remind me to not forget the things I love in life.

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Overhead Bin – No boys allowed: More hotels offering women-only floors

Wished I had this option when I was doing the business traveling. I could do very well with a curling iron!

Overhead Bin – No boys allowed: More hotels offering women-only floors.

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NYTimes.com reported that in this article that anyone with willpower can be a morning person. Obviously I lack willpower after 32 years. Took the “Are you a real morning person?” test. I passed. I’m a 10-14, almost night owl (surprise, surprise) – You love the night life, and enjoy staying up late and sleeping late into the morning. But you can also be flexible and adapt when your sleep pattern is disrupted. Well said.