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60th birthday bash for big uncle!

Been ages since I’ve been downtown east. Urgh, Ultimate East. But big uncle’s surprise party at Aranda Country Club was worth the trip for some good old fashion family fun. It was like Chinese New Year gathering, but chalet-style. There were a lot of people – extended families from both uncle and aunty sides. That involved some major coordination. Kudos to Aaron, Yvonne and Qiqi!

Us cousins (ok ok, just me) tried to spring in some drama/weird/eerie surprise element since it was a surprise bash for big uncle, and he was going around Aranda in circles while Yvonne and Qiqi directed all guests to find the chalet unit. Luckily, we ended up simply gathered by the door, with lights on, and clapped to shouts of “Happy Birthday!”. Big uncle responded with a wonderful look of surprise. Mission accomplished.

Happy 60th, big uncle!

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