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Lion dance (NTU) by Junyan

Lion dance is been an annual 初二 affair at home since all three Yap brothers are lion dancers from school days. Yesterday, 叔叔’s NTU troupe came by and he gave final performance as a student at home before graduation this year.

This may be 叔叔’s last chance to perform, but as daddy says, we want lion dance every year!


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My first performance

Here’s my first performance as a nursery student. Can you spot me?

Even though I’m not the best performer as I shook my booty and hands ever so gently (you know I hate strange crowds and it was a really hot morning!), Daddy and mummy said they were very proud of me (1) not crying, (2) stayed on stage, and (3) I remembered to move into “small group” for a new formation midway!

I’m proud of myself too, if I may say so.


No. 56, you rock!

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!

P/S: On an unrelated note, meimei has decided to be a snake.