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Blueberries = Red #40 + Blue #1 + Blue #2

It’s really high time we pay more attention to food labels.

I’m definitely not for the big corporations faking it. At the same time, as the saying goes “一分钱一份货”, consumers also need to learn to feed themselves properly and not just blindly trust the corporations.

You can view the video from FootInvestigations on the missing blueberries in our common foods.



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红糟鸡 (Red Vinasse Chicken)

Finally savoured one of my favourite dishes yesterday at my aunt’s place – 红糟鸡. Only just found out the English name of the dish is “Red Vinasse Chicken”.


I used to be very turned-off by the bloody redness of the soup broth when I was young. Every ingredient, even my favourite mushroom that I eat in many variations, is bathed in red. Yikes. My mum had to specially prepare a clear chicken broth for me while my dad, mum, sis and grandma tuck in the red dish with relish.
God knows at which age I started to eat this (this will forever be a miracle to my mum), but definitely at least late teens. And thank god I learnt to love it… it’s the few Hockchew legacy left by my grandma that I hope to preserve.